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Why does the Gently Seasoned Meaty Mix smell so eggy?

The smell is due to the closed environment of the packet, and comes from an ingredient called Kala Namak, also known as black salt.

Black salt is very healthy and rich in minerals, one of which is sulphur. This is what gives the product that initial pungent odour, but rest assured that it dissipates very quickly once you start mixing, and it’s usually gone completely by the time you start cooking the product.

Meanwhile, our product development team are working on ways to reduce the strong character of this aroma.

Are any of your products vegan friendly?

Absolutely. All Unreal Co. products are 100% plant-based, and the company is staffed by a team of passionate vegans.

Are your products GMO-free?

All Unreal Co. products are GMO-free, however we do not advertise this on our packaging because we haven’t been officially certified yet. We routinely survey our suppliers to ensure that we’re buying GMO-free, and so far we have been able to source non-GMO versions of all our ingredients.

As we partner with the right suppliers and create longer-lasting relationships, we will move to the next step and get our products certified GMO-free.

Are any of your products gluten-free?

All Unreal Co. products are 100% free from wheat gluten.

Are any of your products free from onion and garlic?

All products in the Unreal Co. range include small quantities of fructose-containing ingredients like onion, garlic, or chives.

We do have plans to launch a fructose-friendly range in the near future.

What's in the vegan egg replacer you use, and why aren't its ingredients listed on the label?

The vegan egg replacer used in our products is an in-house creation, and we plan to release it as a separate product that you can use in your own kitchen. We chose not to list the ingredients of the egg replacer because they are subject to change, and because it’s a compound ingredient that forms less than 5% of the total recipe.

Here are the Vegan Egg Replacer ingredients for your convenience: Maltodextrin, Fibre [Bamboo, Methylcellulose], Gums [Xanthan, Guar]

What is your Vegan Sausage Skin made of?

The vegan sausage skin we use is made from 100% calcium alginate.

Why so much bloody plastic in your packaging?

All current Unreal Co. products are packaging in plastic, and we agree that we could do a lot more to benefit our environment.

However, since launching the Chick’n Range into our product family, we have switched our plastic trays to Polypropylene #5, which is a food-safe plastic that is more easy to recycle. The product’s label is made from cardstock, which is also a fully recyclable material.

This leaves us to the plastic wrap. This unfortunately cannot be degraded or recycled, but we are looking into packaging methods that will not require this form of wrapping. Since all Unreal Co. products are chilled or frozen, there are even less alternatives to choose from.

So, Unreal Co. packaging is over 99% recyclable by volume, but it is not yet degradable. Rest assured that we are in the process of researching fully degradable packaging options, so we’ll share an update when we find the right solution.

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