Who We Are

UNREAL CO. is Australia’s new designer of premium plant-based foods. The company was founded on the principles of compassion and sustainability; and is staffed by a passionate team that shares the same philosophy.

Unreal Co. belongs to a group of self-funded companies. We specialise in fast: research, development, prototyping and manufacturing, of allergen-aware and gluten-free plant-based

We are leaders in the field of vegan food innovation. Our team consists of engineers, food scientists, artisans, marketers, and manufacturing specialists.

Our vision is big, and our goals are even bigger!

Our Values

The founding members of Unreal Co. share a value system that has become the guiding ethos for the company. These values form the basis of our communications, marketing, and professional relationships.

Towards animals, the environment, the needs of our customers and their families. Genuine compassion will also be reflected in how we manage customer support.
We aim to become leaders in the plant- based food industry. Market leadership, thought leadership, and social leadership are the driving principles behind our creations.
The health of our customers comes first, always! Our products are designed to nourish adults and children alike. We stand behind our products and enjoy them regularly.
Unreal Co strives to inspire customers to make the right changes for a healthier life, while contributing to making our environment a healthier place that we can share.

“No Matter How You Frame It, Compassion Can Be Delicious.”

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