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Make your own plant-based meats in your very own kitchen. With Meaty Mix you can prepare your own meatballs, burgers, roasts, mince, or whatever your imagination can sprout… Just add water!


Delicious vegan recipes created with Unreal Co. products. Don’t forget to suggest which recipe we should cook next!

Vegan Chicken Caesar Salad

Vegan Chicken Caesar Salad

Prepared with Unreal Co. Meaty Mix, this vegan chicken caesar salad is as quick and easy to prepare as a salad should be, with maximum flavour and crunch!

Vegan Apricot Chicken

Vegan Apricot Chicken

Prepared with Unreal Co. Meaty Mix, this vegan apricot chicken is a daring take on a sweet baked chicken recipe, but plant based and with a skin!

Friends who are #eatingunreal

“New burger on the block from Unrealco! Ripper burger, awesome things coming from them so be sure to check them out!” @eatingwithwill

Big Vegan Market

“Tried one of your burgers at the festival last week. Posting on your wall, as its has to be the best veggie, vegan burger I have ever tasted. I have tried so many others. Your burger is my favorite. Looked you guys up, liked your page. Will be buying more for my family. Thanks for the taste sensation. Cheers!” Elizabeth Ing Bulic

Mind Body Spirit Festival

Burgers are the tits! Top notch. Thank you again I really appreciate it. Adrian. A